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Lawn Restoration

The following is a program to renovate your lawn. It will include thatching, insect control, over seeding and a fertilization program as needed.

The following should be done before May
  1. Removal of thatch build up in lawn areas. Raking, thatching and blowing off debris.
  2. Spreading premium loam to areas as needed
  3. Application of systemic insecticide to lawn areas, as needed
  4. Application of liquid herbicide to lawn areas as needed
  5. Application of contact insecticide to all lawn areas and landscape areas, as needed.
  6. Over seeding of all lawn areas with premium grass seed to suit areas.
  7. Spreading of treated mulch hay to bare ground areas to retain moisture.
  8. First application of lawn starter fertilizer.
  9. Application of granular lime.

The following should be done on a monthly basis
  1. June 1, apply fertilizer with post emergence weed control
  2. July 1, apply fertilizer with surface insect control
  3. August 1, apply slow release fertilizer and apply contact insecticide
  4. September 1, apply fertilizer with pre-emergence weed control
  5. November 1, apply dormate fertilizer

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Lawn Restoration
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Lawn Restoration
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Lawn Restoration
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Lawn Restoration
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